Experiences Implementing and Using Our Sofware

Computer Protection Technology"Our company experienced tremendous growth over the last seven years, and the growth was due in large part to the assistance that we received from Terminal Business Velocity and the Workforce Mobilizer software. Workforce Mobilizer has allowed us to organize and centralize our business practices into one coherent software that is utilized by our sales staff, our inside support staff, as well as our field service engineers.

The advantages to us are too numerous to list, but among them are:

  • Given visibility of our customer activities to all our employees. This single piece of the puzzle is worth what we pay. Each of our employees is knowledgeable about the customers. This is turn breeds confidence, both for the employee and for the customer.
  • Allowed us to double our business, while holding down additional new hires. In other words, made us more efficient.
  • Allowed us to become transparent to our customer through the web portal. The customer can see all of our past service reports, future dates for service visits, as well as any outstanding quotes. This promotes a trusting relationship.

Thanks to you and your staff for all of your support to CPT."

Michael F. Murphy
Computer Protection Technology (CPT)

Titan Power"Workforce Mobilizer has been one of the best things to happen to our company, not to mention, our entire industry. Before Workforce Mobilizer, the majority of our day-to-day activities were done on paper and keeping track of services and quotes was a nightmare. With Workforce Mobilizer, we can manage our Service Department, Sales Department and Accounting Department within one software. Many thanks to the creators of Workforce Mobilizer!"

“It was one of the best business decisions we have made.”

Andrew Berney
President & Director of Operations
Titan Power

TIMA Power Systems"We’ve been using Workforce Mobilizer for approximately four years and are very pleased with the utility, ease of use, and the ongoing support that we receive from Terminal Business Velocity. The support staff at TBV has been very supportive in terms of training, and ongoing system implementation. We recently decided to link our accounting software system with Workforce Mobilizer to improve reporting capabilities and accounting controls, and TBV was instrumental in helping us bridge the two systems."

Mark Thomas
TIMA Power Systems

Alternative Biomedical Solutions"The Workforce Mobilizer software has increased our productivity and efficiency by providing a customizable hosted system for inputting, scheduling, tracking and reporting field service activities. By linking customers to Workforce Mobilizer through our business website, we are able to provide a seamless customer relationship management system that allows our clients to review all of their service activities, while increasing traffic to our website."

Tim Kitzmiller
Director of Engineering & Service Operations
Alternative Biomedical Solutions (ABS)

ePower Network"The Workforce Mobilizer system is has really helped us streamline our processes. From sales to operations, Workforce Mobilizer has proven to be very efficient for us. Our company used three separate programs in the past and now we have consolidated to one which has increased our productivity by 35%. The technical support has also been superb. Thank you Dan and John."

Greg Marquez
ePower Network

Mitsubishi Electric Power Products"... the product has helped them to add customers to their contract base and double revenues without hiring additional personnel..."

"...Our conclusion is that the Workforce Mobilizer suite can add value to your business and provide a substantial return on investment. You should at least see a web-based demo and decide for yourself..."

Dean Datre
General Manager, UPS division
Mitsubishi Electric Power Products

Power & Environment International

"It's so easy to use and keeps us organized all year long, from scheduling our preventative maintenance visits or managing our field service technicians. We are happy that we are using Workforce Mobilizer for our service software needs."

Marc Basché
Power & Environment International, Inc. (PEI)

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