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Spending Too Much On Fuel?

As the price of fuel has skyrocketed in the past decade so have the operating expenses of field service companies. So much so that fuel costs now make up a substantial portion of those companies’ operating expenses. Having to travel 20 miles to a job site could easily cost $16.00 in fuel and the round trip $32.00. If the job generates $300.00 in net profits it means that fuel accounted for nearly 11% of your job costs.


Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

Implementing GPS tracking devices throughout your fleet may help track your resources but if you want to save operating costs you will need more than that. What you need is a "Contextual" Geographic Information System (GIS) where the geographic data is augmented by contextual data. By "contextual" we mean particularities about the geographic locations involved which have an impact on the services you offer.


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